Daring. Agility. Solidity. These are the brands that qualify the Cia. Santanense fabrics. With 130 years of experience, Santanense has a history of challenges, pioneering spirit and success.

From the first 32 looms, in 1891, to the current industrial units that offer the market more than 60 million linear meters of high-quality fabrics every year. The past few years have revealed an organization dedicated to leadership.

Investments were made to increase productivity and expand the product line.

New management tools have modernized management processes and made it possible to ensure a final quality capable of meeting the demands of an increasingly competitive market.

The training of professionals and technical innovations carried out contributed to making the production cycle more agile, effective, and precise, consolidating the company as one of the main ones in its industry. This is THE Santanense that makes history. Renovated industrial park. New products. Differentiated service for each customer. Attention to the world and social, economic, and cultural transformations.

Santanense arrived in the 21st century ready to continue to dress increasingly demanding consumers, inside and outside Brazil.

Santanense understands their time
Their history is defined by a modern and innovative vision, which is strengthened by its strategic intelligence in anticipating trends, adapting production processes, making changes with the necessary advance, and responding to the demands of increasingly globalized clients.

It is one of the few national companies to survive so many political, economic, and social changes. With a commercial office in Belo Horizonte and industrial units in Pará de Minas and Itaúna, all in the State of Minas Gerais, they have an installed capacity to produce 60 million linear meters / year, which places them as one of the market leaders.

Their products aimed at the fashion segment and the professional clothing segment supply the Brazilian and international markets. Since 2004, it has been part of the Coteminas group, one of the largest textile groups in the world.

By combining experience and technology, tradition and courage to innovate, Santanense is accredited to continue to overcome the challenges of its time. More than a watchword “innovate” is a goal that guides the company's operating strategy and guides its investment policy.

This is Santanense, a company committed to sustainability of environmental and social relations.

Committed to the end consumer, committed to you.